Obedience and disobedience in following Jesus: a study from the Epistle of Jude

José Neivaldo Souza


The Epistle of Jude is placed to the church as an important guidance in pastoral action. To urge the faithful to persevere in the path of those who, in Jesus Christ, announced salvation and rejected the teachings to promote individual and ideological interests, the author guides and alert the church regarding the renunciation of evil: it must observe reality and able to identify the teachings about salvation face the doctrines derived from the desire for power, wealth and pleasure. The purpose of this study is to analyze the letter from an important question for the church today: how to discern one message capable of guiding the love of speeches aimed own interests without social concern? In this direction, the way forward in this reflection is: approach the text, its structure and related content; evoke the socio-historical and religious context clues to help in the analysis of the text, and finally, seek a theology that facilitates answers to the question posed to the text.


Judas, desobediência, Jesus Cristo, obediência, salvação.

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