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Resumo da Biografia Seborrheic Dermatitis Not a few people suffer from pronounced acne on the skin surface. In addition to a large number of cosmetic care products and various common home remedies, there is also a selection of natural remedies for blackheads and pimples. Healers are particularly recommended for acne. But helps healing against pimples?

What is Heilerde?

Healer is a ground-based powder. It contains many natural minerals, which have been deposited over time in the sediments of the soil layers. These include, among others, silicates of the aluminum type. For example, healers can be used with pimples and blackheads to remove skin impurities. In addition, the earth strengthened by minerals the natural flora of the skin. This precious earth is then obtained in specific areas known for its mineral rich soil. Examples are loess or clay soils. But also in mud regions, soil can be found with healing active ingredients and trace elements.

Even before ancient times, rich earth was used as a remedy in Egypt, while the Greeks and Romans fought severe inflammations with healers. The tradition of the application of Heilerde also survived the Middle Ages; in modern times there were still influences  seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary from foreign cultures. Even today, different types of healers against pimples are very popular. Many products are available in drugstore stores or pharmacies. Various types of skin are also considered.

Characteristics of Heilerde - At a glance

    Natural soil in powder form
    Rich in minerals of various kinds
    Made from mineral rich soil
    Used for over 5000 years in the medical field
    Nowadays great variety of healers

Mainly, healers are used to dry skin infections such as pimples or blackheads in acne. The application is as a mask in the face or as a paste in other homes. For this, commercially available healers are mostly blended with water, more rarely also with tea or milk, and directly from the outside to the affected places. Skin inflammations should be generously covered with the mass.

The mask quickly removes the moisture and bacterial waste products from the affected areas. It inhibits the development of further inflammations. In addition, affected areas can be subsequently cooled. The regeneration of the skin is naturally advanced by seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide the stimulated circulation of the spots. Therefore, healing ends can also be used against stretching strips or site-wetting netting. In addition, it is also possible to use skin peels from healers for acne.